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AccessTicket is the app that saves and validates your Primavera Sound ticket so you can access the festival quickly and safely, buy your drinks without queuing and generally enjoy a much more comfortable experience. This app has been the official access key to Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 for the 500,200 people who gathered at the Forum to enjoy the best music and the best atmosphere.

The years 2020 and 2021 will go down in history for many things that marked us all. Among them, the almost total cancellation of concerts and music festivals that were to be held in major cities around the world. That's why, after two years of festival drought, Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 decided to give its home city twice as much music, with two whole weekends of concerts and a great variety of events during the week.

That was not only going to multiply the fun and good vibes of the city by two, but it was also going to make it twice as difficult to manage and control all the festival goers, which until now had worked through the usual method of colored wristbands. That's where we came in.

The challenge was to create a system capable of simplifying the management of the huge enclosure where the festival is held, so that the organizers could know much more easily and accurately who is allowed to enter and who is not allowed to enter each of the venues of Primavera.

In addition, we proposed that this system would centralize all the information about attendance and would be able to improve the user experience within the festival.

That' s why we created AccessTicket, an app with which attendees can generate their own virtual ticket with maximum security and the organization can control the arrival and departure of people in a much more efficient way.

How does it work? Once the user has purchased their ticket, they receive an email from the purchase platform or a notification via Dice, inviting them to download AccessTicket in advance and to carry out KYC (Know Your Customer) validation as soon as possible, which consists of uploading a photo of their ID card on both sides. Thanks to these photos, the organizers can know if the user is an adult or a minor and save his or her photo to verify that it matches the person who is physically present at the venue.

At peak entry times, up to 60 access lanes can be activated at the control panel. And thanks to these lanes, which are operated via 60 iPads, staff receive accurate and up-to-date information on the status of each digital entrance, to decide much more effectively whether or not to let each attendee in. This prevents duplicate or fraudulent use of tickets. In addition, the control panel also works in offline mode, so that work can continue in the event of an Internet crash.

Once inside the festival, the app has a marketplace linked to the festival bar, with which attendees can buy products directly from their cell phones, with the credit they have available in the app itself. In case they do not have enough credit to make a purchase, they can also access a secure Redsys payment gateway and pay the remaining amount by credit card.

AccessTicket also has a control panel for the management of the festival logistics, which can only be accessed by the organizers. This manager segments the different accesses to the festival according to whether they are general public, VIP, with entrance to the backstage, artists, workers, etc. And thanks to this information, it is able to control that each type of attendee only goes to areas they are allowed to access and at the times allowed by their type of entry.

This tool also generates insights on audience behavior: updated information in real time on the volume of attendance, peaks of entries and exits from the venue, volume of purchases made, times when the most purchases are made, etc. This information undoubtedly facilitates the management of the festival and will help to improve the service offered in future editions.

Finally, for VIP attendees and artists we created mini-locks, a system of NFC readers that allows them to enter restricted areas by scanning their wristbands. In this way, backstage and other restricted areas become much more secure.

The result? At an event with 500,200 visitors, we were able to achieve 100% access with AccessTicket. Even on the day of maximum capacity, the 81,000 attendees were able to enter quickly and securely. And so, in a festival that at first glance might seem uncontrollable, we managed to keep everything under control.

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