Butterfly Migration

Butterfly Migration is a mobile application developed by a task force from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) for butterfly lovers; though not for lovers of their colours or their flight, but for devotees of these insects from all over the world who admire them from an entomological approach: they monitor butterflies, observe them, analyse them and record their sightings and where they occur.

Butterfly Migration is a tool that allows them to record all this information. CSIC scientists contacted Dallonses to update its image and to make it more agile and functional for its users.

Creating an exhaustive, scientific, and simple application in equal measure.

The challenge consisted of creating a compatible app with the immediacy and rigour that the fieldwork of its users implies, facilitate the registration of information, be able to nurture an immense database, yet be appealing and user-friendly.

We created a gamification system so that the application would be as appealing to its users as a butterfly sighting. This system allows them to be eggs, larvae, cocoons, or butterflies - according to a range of points based on the app use frequency - and to be part of a world ranking of butterfly lovers.

The application is capable of automatically geolocating all the observations and sightings that are registered using the phone's GPS system.

We decided to simplify the data entry forms so that they had more fields and the possibility of registering more information (texts and images) without complicating the use of the application. We developed a parallel content manager that would allow us to extract all the data and contributions from the users from the application for subsequent scientific analysis.

All these modifications culminated in a restyling of the app logo made by Vasava, our creative agency.

Our work brought science and simplicity together.

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