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In 2022, Olga decided to create a restaurant on Aragón Street with a Mediterranean, local and refreshing proposal. She did it with the collaboration and support of Óscar and Marcela, who apart from being her family, are two professionals with a lot of experience in the restaurant industry.

The three of them set up the restaurant and it was up to us to create its website.

Our specialty is to keep you coming back

The new site had to be functional and at the same time capable of representing Craun's values. For this, we collaborated with Vasava, who was in charge of creating the identity of the restaurant. Together, we built a website that showed the main elements of the restaurant with a scroll down navigation system, very easy and intuitive for the user.

The new restaurant wanted to combine tradition, contemporaneity, quality, proximity, family and the Mediterranean in a single space. Therefore, we created an identity inspired by the mountains and the sea, in which the main element are brush strokes. 

All the colours, graphic elements and photographs of the dishes, the space and the chef are arranged on the web in a very organic way, making the user discover the information about the restaurant at the same time that they discover its character.

For its part, La Mimada, the special events area, is hidden in a blue tab. If the user clicks on it, the blue tab overlaps the beige one, that is, the main tab that talks about Craun, and vice versa, generating a visual interplay between the two spaces.

We created a website that embodies the Mediterranean of the 21st century for a restaurant that wants to be like the sea: when we are far from it, we only think of coming back.

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