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Chefs Link is a marketplace for chefs and restaurants, the meeting point between the labour needs of one another. Those looking for a restaurant to live their passion or a chef to join their team can get in touch with each other through Chefs Link. This culinary recruitment company needed an agile and functional platform (mobile and web) that chefs and restaurants could easily use.

Creating a functional recruitment website and app.

The challenge consisted of defining how to put applicants and employers in touch with each other and build a website and an app that would make it tangible, but prioritise usability and effectiveness.

Both platforms (web and app) had to be really functional both for users (restaurants and chefs) and for the company.

To achieve this, we made several decisions:

  • The Chefs Link team self-manages both platforms. We built a website and an app that would give them independence:
  • The app and the website use the same interface (API) to manage the data, which facilitates the process of creating any new feature and maintaining it.
  • All the platform content is managed from a dashboard that allows Chefs Link to handle the information from restaurants and chefs and application processes.

Users must be able to find what they are looking for effortlessly

The design of both platforms, from the hands of our creative partner, Vasava, was built around 2 variables: usability and simplicity. They were also in charge of planning and building the entire corporate identity of the company.

  • Both the chefs and the restaurants have an area or profile in which they keep all their interaction with the Chefs Link service and their history of vacancies and applications.
  • The system that we created generates automation. For example, if a restaurant is looking for a chef with a characteristic x and a chef who has this characteristic registers, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the engine automatically connects them.
  • Both types of users can send direct messages.
  • We created a notification system via email that helps users to be informed at all times of the status of vacancies and applications.
We helped Chefs Link to grow from a platform into a community.

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