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HP drives technology development in each of its products and applications, as well as at events where these innovations are presented to the public.

How could these presentations now be carried out in light of social distancing and the systematic cancellation of large events in public spaces that Covid-19 has caused?

Creating a website that would be an alternative to a real face-to-face presentation

Of course, to achieve this a simple website was not enough as this project required a platform for more than 30 countries with different content for each one (not only in language terms) with huge simultaneous user traffic. Furthermore, it had to be a visual, interactive, and informative experience capable of providing the presentiality and atmosphere for users, as well as an easily manageable platform for HP teams in each country.

With this challenge at hand, we created a virtual booth divided into 5 zones that are equivalent to HP's 5 areas of activity in terms of large format printers: posters and displays, professional art and photography, printers, fashion and sports clothing, and technical applications.

The user selects the area that interests them the most or that suits their sector and the virtual stand becomes a vertical business page where they can find innovations and the latest HP benefits in the sector, the printers and applications that make them possible, ideas with which to extract the maximum potential from each area, videos, demos, podcasts, plus the option of requesting samples or contacting a sales expert.

It is a modular website that is fully modifiable from the content manager in an agile and simple way. Each HP team can edit their country's own content, which allows for fully decentralised web management.

Furthermore, we built a website with static builds so that loading times are shorter and users can access the content they want much more quickly. Add to this that the webpage is fully optimised for search engines to index it, and what came about as a plan B to face the Covid-19 reality ended up becoming a hub for the brand.

We didn't create a website, but a good, efficient and very easy-to-use little monster.

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