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La Sustancia is a new strategic agency that specialises in digital content and social media. Its aim is to connect brands with the most suitable content creators for them: those who will bring out their full potential. To achieve this, they needed a website.

The purpose of their website is to present themselves both to the creators and to the brands. Therefore, the information has to be clear, but also attractive.

We designed the website following a visual identity created in-house, based on the idea of treating the content as an organic, fluid and dynamic substance.

To achieve this, we selected a very lively and vibrant colour range; we created a logotype in which the letters are formed through rounded elements, giving a sense of movement; and we developed a graphic system based on the shapes of the S in the logotype, which we called Materia.

Thanks to this, we were able to create a website with very organic elements, which move in a subtle way through the user's navigation.

The written information is combined with colourful and lively photographs and illustrations framed in circles. And at some parts of the website, we can see 3D illustrations that represent organisms in movement, or rather, "the substance" in its pure state.

Overall, the collaboration between La Sustancia and Dallonses successfully achieved the objective of creating a web presence that effectively showcases La Sustancia's services to both creators and brands.

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