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Since 2001, springs in Barcelona are loaded with good music thanks to Primavera Sound, a festival that in the 21 years that has been active has been "blooming", to become one of the most important musical events in the country and the world. If in its first edition it closed with 8,000 attendees, in the 2019 edition it managed to gather 220,000 people around the best rhythms of the music scene.

After two years of hiatus, Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 returns, eager to give all its attendees one of the best experiences that can be lived in Barcelona. And part of this experience happens on your cell phones. More specifically, in the Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 app, created by Dallonses.

How do you make people want to download an app? By offering content that really interests them. From the beginning, this was our main goal: that the Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 app would become a very useful and easy to use tool, by and for all the attendees of the event and that it would even improve the experience of attending the festival.

For this app to be really useful, it was important to cover all the doubts that an attendee may have when entering the Primavera venue. From the time of the concert of their favorite band, to the location of the nearest toilet. For this reason, the app is divided into three sections: lineup, grid and map.

Thanks to the Lineup section, users can explore the full Primavera lineup, know the schedules and also add their favorite artists to a personalized calendar. In this way, each attendee can visualize their own lineup. For the Grid, we followed the structure that we ourselves had designed three years ago for the Primavera Sound website, but this time, with a new functionality: each user can decide the order of the info, depending on whether they are more interested in the schedules or the stages. This way, we unify the Primavera Sound web and app experience, making it much clearer and more transversal.

On the other hand, the Map section is the definitive tool to enjoy Primavera without losing your friends or walking more than necessary. We have taken the map to the next level, thanks to the georeferencing of all the points of interest. Now, users can not only decide where they want to go, but also know exactly where they are, share their exact location with their friends and even filter the points of interest they want to see. And if all this wasn't enough, the map is also linked to the lineup, so attendees can know what's happening on each of the stages at all times.

All of these features made the experience of this Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 even better so your only concern was enjoying the music.

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