Pringles Music Quiz

Pringles doesn't need much of an introduction. They're the crisps with the slogan, "once you pop, you can't stop". They didn't contact us to find a new flavour for them (that could also have been the reason) but to create a *quiz * in partnership with Primavera Sound.

Turning the quiz into an application that, in addition to being fun, easy to use and that would awaken the desire to participate, would capture leads in a friendly way and had an excellent performance during the festival where, at times, the crowds are overwhelming.

We created an iPad application that was connected to a television screen in real time. The mobile device's screen and that of the TV showed different things that created this flow of interaction: on the iPad screen festival goers who wanted to play indicated the number of players (the game was multiplayer), their names, and their emails. Once they were ready to play, questions related to festival bands and music appeared on the TV screen and 4 possible answers on the iPad. Then, the 60 seconds the players had to answer began to count down. A correct answer meant points were added, a wrong answer meant points were lost. With each participation, a high score table was formed.

The winners of the game received a prize from Pringles and Primavera Sound.

We did not create a quiz. Or an app. We created a positive experience for both the user and the brand.

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