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Videogame developer and publisher, specialising in mobile gaming. Socialpoint is a startup that was created in 2008 in Barcelona and has become one of the most internationally recognised companies in the sector.

For Socialpoint, providing fun for others is only possible if the creation process is fun too. We were asked to give their website an extra function: to recruit people who want to create and have fun at the same time.

Creating a corporate website that attracts talent.

The challenge consisted of building a website capable of promoting recruitment and showing how appealing it is to work at Socialpoint in Barcelona without preventing the brand from appealing to other potential audiences.

We chose a modular, fresh, light design that makes site navigation especially appealing. Some of these modules are chaired by the main characters of the games that Socialpoint has created in order to reinforce the casual design and transmit the idiosyncrasy of the brand in a personal and non-transferable way.

We created an "About us" section with not only corporate information, but information that's relevant and attractive to users interested in joining the Socialpoint team. We also created direct access to both the vacancy offers and the submission of applications in the "Join us" section.

As a final intervention, real testimonies were included on the website that contribute to building a much more human platform and to showing Socialpoint as a project to be part of.

All these elements were introduced without compromising the technological profile of the company or its ultimate goal: selling games.

Furthermore, the product we developed is self-managed through different modules that allow the easy creation and editing of new pages, that is, what we created is also a tool that gives Socialpoint editorial independence.

Our approach raised another concern for Socialpoint that they entrusted to us: this new website also required a rebranding. Working together with Vasava, our creative agency, we helped them to redefine their personality and rewrite their brand book and visual language, with logo restyling included.

We showed that it's always worth re-asking "who we are".

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