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The Watch Gallery is a shop that specialises exclusively in wristwatches, which first opened its doors in Barcelona in 1988.

The Watch Gallery equates to more than 30 years of passion for fine watchmaking and understanding luxury as a combination of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

This fine institution in Barcelona now needed a website that transmitted that world of tradition and luxury, which they wanted us to achieve in a modern, efficient, and contemporary way.

The challenge was threefold: to build a modern website that, in turn, transmitted the tradition closely linked to the shop yet combined legacy and contemporaneity; to curate an online catalogue with its brands that was compatible with the exquisiteness and exclusivity of its products, as well as positioning The Watch Gallery in search engines above large multi-brand portals that are their antithesis in terms of trajectory and know-how.

We approached this project as if we were building one of the perfect time pieces that can be found in The Watch Gallery.

To achieve this, we built a modular web structure in which images, clocks and simple, efficient and harmonious navigation are the protagonists.

In the first scroll of the page, the user already perceives the essence of The Watch Gallery and is able to associate it with tradition, guarantee, excellence, and expertise, which are the determining values when you are about to acquire a unique time piece of great economic value. In-depth navigation immerses the user in a timeless universe where they discover that only some brands, names, and pieces are chosen to be there. Small animations and graphic details also give the website elegance, sobriety, luxury, and modernity in just the right quantities.

The sophistication of what we see contrasts with the simplicity of what we do not see: the gears of the website, the content manager that we create, which is so easy to use that it can be updated very quickly and easily whether you want to add new brands or models or even a new language.

We created a website that works like a Swiss watch.

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